• amtra Flaschen
  • amtra Faltschachteln für Tabletten, Flaschen und Beutel
  • amtra Faltschachteln für Filtereinsätze
  • amtra biopond Dosierflaschen, Beutel und Eimer
  • amtra frost und frost premium Blisterpackungen im Kartonschuber
  • amtra Aquariumzubehör in verschiedensten Verpackungsformen

Client amtra GmbH, Rodgau

Year 2001-2006

packaging for amtra

After carefully redesigning the amtra logo, the complete redesign of the whole packaging was the starting point for building the complete new CI in 2001. Main characteristic of the new CI is a colour code that helps customers to

differenciate the extensive product range within a blink. Thanks to it's extreme flexibility, the package design allows to be adapted to the most unusual formats ever.